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                Main Products
                Copper pipe drawing oil
                Vacuum pump oil
                Booster pump oil
                Sheet aluminum stamp oil
                Gear oil
                Waterbase fireresistant pressure medium
                Company Profile

                Beijing Yanshan Special Style Luboil Co.,Ltd is in the yanshan industrial park,The company is high-tech company. Old name of The company is Beijing Yanshan Special Style Luboil factry.The reason of market demand changed at present. Total assets RMB is 250 million yuan,The company 's focus on developing middle,top grade special style luboil. Yearly capacity 20 thousand tons.
                Since1985,The company always brought to effect along the high-tech,increase technology content yearly,strictly implemented national standard,constantly developed new high-tech products.

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                The product's boiling point scope is very narrow, don't include a cent of any light quality, and increase the anti- oxygen,
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                The oil article has the scope of cent of more narrow riffle board , have to compare good of heat oxidize the stability, the lower saturated steam press,
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                The oil glues'sdegree feat, have very low of saturated steam press and the extreme limit vacuum degree, the vacuum characteristic is good,
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                Complete synthesis Freon-free copper pipe drawing internal mold oil chooses molecular structure, anneal-volatile compounds and concocts.
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                Yanshan Special Style Luboil Co.,Ltd,Beijing,China
                Contact: Mr. Sun Ming
                Add: No1,Shangdian Road,Dongfeng Street ,Fangshan,Beijing, China Postcode:102502
                Tel: (+86-010)6934 5052, 6934 4201
                Fax: (+86-010)6933 4270,
                E-mail: market@www.yunikwon.com
                Latest updated:11/20/2004

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